Invasher v1.4 Story Update

Invasher v1.4 Story Update

There aren't much of the update but to finish up the things like story and some graphics, additional with some gameplay enhance features like random enemies or you only have 1 HP and fix some bugs.

Update List

- new artwork (probably final version)
- improved story and event view
- improved some graphics
- rearrange and upgrade quality of soundtrack
- change soundtrack DLC to actually soundtrack category
- change some of sound effects
- make normal difficulty easier
- add 2 items - increase invincible time after get attacked and player has no attack delay on boss
- add some of new enemies
- player punch faster
- all playable character now have the same stats for balance VS mode
- new Master Bear's Fortress
- move bossrush mode into Master Bear's Fortress
- move stage select entry to the right side of base map
- move new entry to stage 9-15 by get into the spaceship
- steam screenshot is now working!
- give rewards and abilities to modify the gameplay when player collected all the golden eggs
- fixed bug leaderboards sign not working