Additional Information

Name Invasher
Story One day the enemy is apprearing and then they are attacking nearby city. The Invasher team need to save the world, which Inari will be the one who handle this mission!
Genres Action, Adventure, Platformer, Bullet hell
First Released STEAM
25 January 2019
Price 5 USD - Main Game
3 USD - DLC Original Soundtrack
Platforms PC (Windows, STEAM)
Availability Digital Download
Languages English
File Size ~54 MB - Main Game
~1.14 GB - DLC Original Soundtrack
~1.19 GB Total
Developer Jomjak Tangnopakoon
Social YouTube
Game Sequence 1st
Current Version
Develop Time ~6 Months - from design to released
Developer's Note This game is the first game project that I able to released it on Steam. It's base on Megaman game that I have played in childhood. I made the boss fight harder by separated into 3 phase. Normal, Bullet Hell and Harder phase. I focused on the music and stages rather than the story so the story isn't impact the gameplay that much.

Since I never made any artwork or music released in the past, some artwork are having a very difference version after it released. I try to improved my drawing skill to hope that my game will have the best artwork possible. This game may not perfect but I try to make it at my best.