Face the strong enemy and unique platformer. Run, Jump, Punch, Shoot. Get various weapons and upgrades along the way. Fight and dodge bullets from challenging boss battle!

One day the enemy is apprearing and then they are attacking nearby city. The Invasher team need to save the world, which Inari will be the one who handle this mission!

Invasher Features

- (New!) Coop Mode - Play any stages on local up to 4 players
- (New!) Versus Mode - Fight each other on local up to 4 players
- Story Mode - Experience core gameplay and story
- 3 Difficulty
- 15 Stages, 500+ Screens
- 8+1 Element System
- 9 Weapons and more upgrades
- Variety of enemies
- Unique platformer per stage
- 8-Bit Soundtracks
- Challenge boss patterns and bullet hell
- Boss Rush mode
- Leaderboards for Speedrun/Time Attack
- Support GUI for XBox One and PS4 controller
- Freely customize gameplay button

Invasher Stage 2 Boss Invasher Stage 13 Boss Invasher Stage 14 Boss